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Selnikel provides complete design, manufacturing, erection and commissioning services for the water tube and smoke tube type waste heat recovery boilers. Waste heat boilers can be designed with single or double pass. HRSG (Heat Recovery Steam Generation) systems are installed behind gas turbines and furnaces. Selnikel waste heat boiler system is an optimal solution for plants aiming to decrease their energy costs and to become more enviroment friendly by cutting down their harmful emissions.

Waste heat recovery boilers are engineering solutions for generating steam, hot water, hot oil and hot air from gas turbines’ and motors’ exhaust gasses which are used to generate electricity. With this application, it is possible to increase the efficiency of a turbine or motor system from 40% up to 90%. It is possible to generate energy not just with turbine and motor applications, but from almost all waste heat sources such as exhaust gasses at certain temperatures/calorific values and hot air furnaces

For requirements of end users, capacity of a waste heat recovery boiler system can be increased by introducing an external firing system to the application. Waste heat recovery boilers can be designed in either fire tube type and water tube type. This selection depends on the end users required capacity according to the waste gas’ temperature and flow.

Selnikel waste heat recovery boilers provide capacities up to 100 t/h steam (or hot water equivelant) with water tube types and 30 t/h steam (or hot water equivelant) with fire tube types without external firing system applications. Boilers can be designed as single pass or multi pass type according to the site conditions. Further to complete design and manufacturing, Selnikel provides turn key solutions complete with installation and commissioning of these waste heat recovery – HRSG (heat recovery steam generation) systems.


  • Water Tube Type : 100 t/h per module
  • Smoke Tube Type : 30 t/h

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