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The fluidized bed combustion technology introduced by Selnikel with a perfect system for burning low calorific value coals in an economical and evironment friendly way. Alternatively to the coal, it is also possible to burn biomass and other solid fuels.

Fluidized Bed System

When pressurized air is blown through a perforated plate under a bed filled with sand, air passes through sand particles (figure-a). As the air flow rate increases, air starts to carry the sand (figure - b). When air flow is further increased, the sand particles starts moving and later bubbles like a boiling liquid (figure - c). This means the bed is fluidized bed boiler is described.

When the sand is heated to certain level and coal is fed into then the mixture starts burning. During the burning, the temperature distribution all over the bed is homogenous. Thus, the flying particles and carbon-monoxide burn in the bed. It is possible to burn the coals which have low calorific values, high humidity and high ash content, with high efficiency.

Features of Fluidized Bed System
  • Low NOX and SO2 emission
  • Suitability for burning coal with low calorific value
  • High combustion efficiency (99%)
  • Easy burning and preparation of coal
  • Low fuel cost
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