Career In Selnikel

Human Resources

The upper management and technical team of industry pioneer Selnikel have always set good example to the other companies, to kind of followers of Selnikel. By thinking big, Selnikel always supported many engineers (even the ones out of the corporate structure) by providing information and technical documents.

Some of the well trained and knowledgeable ex-employees of Selnikel who had some entrepreneur mind-set of course, with the knowhow by Selnikel, started to contribute to our sector. Some of them due to the career development policy of Selnikel had the opportunity to use the means of Selnikel’s foreign ties

If you have self love & respect to yourself first then you are encouraged to broaden that love and respect circle further.

if you are;

Self confident, polite but courageous enough to speak your mind, an efficient thinker and worker, someone with sense of mission, who would rather say US than ME, a good student, a good teacher, a researcher, a sharer and someone who don’t grumble while working If you think you are, creative, being part of a solution instead of a problem, not avoiding responsibility and wanting to deserve authority,

If you have the perseverance and the tenacity to grow in a big corporation then you have your place ready to be a member of a big team among the good people of Selnikel

As a candidate to be a part of Selnikel, you have your place among the special and beautiful people of this team


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