Fire Tube Type Steam and Hot Water Boilers

High Efficiency 25 bar pressure 20 MW hot water 40 t/h steam

Selnikel fire tube type industrial boilers are designed and manufactured in accordance with EN and/or ASME standards and pressure equipment directives, our three pass boilers are CE marked as standard. More than 10.000 boiler systems were delivered and commissioned in more than 60 countries up to this day.

Selnikel also provides turn key projects for steam generation and central heating plants.

Complete Design

Selnikel designs central heating plants in compliance with the valid EN 12953, EN 12952 and ASME standards as well as TRD 403 and VDI 2050 norms.

Burner Selection

The burner capacity should be accurately matched with the boiler capacity, boiler flue gas side pressure drop and primary fan air capacity.


High pressure steam and hot water boilers are manufactured according to the EN, ASME, German TRD (Technische Regein für Dampfkessel), Turkish TS and other international standards, in parallel to our technical cooperation with German companies lasting for a long time. The production processes are conducted by our experienced and certified staff with careful quality control and necessary x-ray examinations at each phase of manufacturing.

In order to choose the most suitable boiler, our boiler production programme is extended up to the steam capacities of 40t/h for fire tube and 150 t/h for water tube boilers at different types and when requested they are supplied with economizers, superheaters and special furnaces in order to burn special fuels.

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