Vessels (Pressure-Unpressurized)

High Efficiency Fast Start-Up 150 bar pressure

About Product

By relying to our 60+ years of experience and quality, Selnikel tanks are designed and manufactured according to EN, ASME, CODAP or other relevant international standards upon customer’s requirements

After manufacturing, these tanks are tested and painted with regards to their usage area. The auxiliary parts of boiler systems such as deaerator, feed water tank and condensate tanks are designed and manufactured to the boiler capacity.

Tanks are manufactured either vertical or horizontal type with regards to their positioning and either overground or underground type with regards to their application.

Below listed tanks are being manufactured by Selnikel

  • Process Tank (Petroleum Seperation Tank, Crude Oil Tank etc.)
  • Storage Tank (Petroleum, Chemical Materials, Pentane, Poliol, TDI, etc.)
  • Steam Drum
  • Gas tanks (Nitrogen, Oxygen etc.)
  • Refrigerant Gas Tanks (R134, R22, Dimetilether etc.)

Selnikel factory made tank capacities::

Pressure:up to150 bar
Volume:up to 600 m3
Certification:CE, ASME U Stamp, Gost, SANS, SASO vb.
Capabilities:Ø700-7000 mm / Thickness up to 100 mm

Furthermore; unpressurized vertical storage tanks made from steel can also be designed and manufactured at the end user’s site. Tanks up to the capacity of 5,000 m3 can be built at site and tested according to relevant standards (API etc).

Depending on the desired design and design conditions, these tanks are equipped with a conical roof or a domed roof.

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