Selnikel offers highly efficient solutions in
energy, heat and air technologies

SELNIKEL; with its renewed dynamic structure and production facility possessing 24.000m2 closed area in Ankara, Turkey.
Selnikel is one of the leading industrial brands of Turkey that manages to run 3 stages
successfully – design, manufacturing and erection/commissioning altogether since 1955.

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we produce industrial boilers, industrial fans and we carry out the production of industrial burners for the most prestigious projects in Turkey and many other countries

About Selnikel


Selnikel Inc. is a manufacturer company operating in the fields of energy, heat and air technology. It manufactures power plants, industrial boilers, industrial fans and industrial burners in the most prestigious projects in Turkey and many countries.Quality, continuous improvement, training on the job and reaching the highest standards in expertise and putting this expertise in use are Selnikel's indispensable principals from past to present.

With this identity, Selnikel has managed to win the trust of leading German manufacturers. These manufacturers, whom are the experts as well as the pioneers in their fields, have chosen Selnikel as a partner and have considered her as a peer after extensive investigations.

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Latest Updates From Selnikel

12 February 2024
Selnikel'e ait mavi kırmızı toz toplama sistemleri

Installation of Our Dust Collecting Filters Have Been Successfully Completed

Installation of our dust collecting filters with capacities of 100.000 m3/h, 70.000 m3/h and 60.000 m3/h have been successfully completed in casting factory in Ankara.
12 February 2024
Selnikel tarafından üretilen 15 t/h 16.5 barg kapasiteli, 250°C kızgın buhar atık ısı kazanı sistemi

Installation of Heat Recovery Steam Generation System Has Been Successfully Completed.

Installation of our latest Heat Recovery Steam Generation system has been successfully completed. It will provide 15 t/h 250°C superheated steam at 16.5 barg pressure for the trigeneration plant of Chimcomplex, Romania. Proud suppliers of this prestigious project for the Romanian chemical industry.
12 February 2024

Manufacturing of Our 35 Radial Fan Have Been Successfully Completed

Manufacturing of our 35 radial fans in various capacities have been successfully completed and they are waiting to be transported to Bilecik to operate in glass industry.

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