Social Responsibility Projects
Social Responsibility Projects
Hızıroğlu Foundation

Establishment: 20.12.1989

Hızıroğlu Foundation was founded in 1989 under the leadership of Mr. Faik HIZIROĞLU.

During the last 25 years the foundation has provided scholarship to 2500 successful high school and university students who have financial difficulties ,and keeps on supporting education life of students. The foundation has received "Tax Exemption" in 1997.

Also within 25 years, Hızıroğlu Foundation constructed two dormitories for Ankara METU, and Erciyes University, one elementary school in Pursaklar district in which Selnikel factory is located, and one polyclinic so as to donate relevant municipality.

Hızıroğlu foundation is still going its current activities in order to support students for their educational needs within its resources. At the same time the foundation ensure scholarship to talented young people by Turkish Education Association, and continues to provide internship opportunity to successful students who applied for internship at Selnikel.

Certificate of Tax Exemption: (incele)

Social Responsibility Projects
Faik HIZIROĞLU Dormitory

ODTÜ – Ankara

In 1994 it was donated to METU with all furnishings made by Hızıroğlu foundation. The guesthouse has 185 people capacity, 2500 m² in sizes, 45 rooms for four people, and one room for five people.

Rooms have central heating system, unlimited free internet connection, and each room there is a phone connection to central. On each floor there is a fully equipped kitchen, study room, showers, washrooms, and in each room there is a mini fridge.

Downstairs there are drawing room, tv hall, laundry room, ironing room, and drying room. Also there is a canteen that students can provide with their needs.

URL:  METU Dormitory Directorate

Social Responsibility Projects
Hızıroğlu Mansion

Erciyes Universty - Kayseri

On the date of 04/08/2000, The construction was started with the participation of 9th President of Turkey Mr. Süleyman Demirel with the groundbreaking ceremony.

On the same day, our founder Mr. Faik Hızıroğlu was given an honorary doctorate and thanked for his services.

In 2001 Hızıroğlu mansion was completed and donated to Erciyes University, delivered to the Rector of the time Mr. Zeki Yılmaz.

Serving many years in the university, Hızıroğlu mansion is still active. Hızıroğlu mansion name was changed later on by the university as Hızıroğlu Practice Hotel.

URL:  Hızıroğlu Application Hotel

Social Responsibility Projects
Faik HIZIROĞLU Elementary School

Pursaklar – Ankara

Within the scope of 100% education support project, elementary school building with 8 class rooms in the description of a protocol signed on June 10, 2005 between our founder Mr.Faik Hızıroğlu and the governor at the time Mr. Kemal Önal. The construction was completed in the same year.

Ankara governor Faik Hızıroğlu Elementary School and Hızıroğlu Foundation has become sister institutions with sister institution project protocol signed again.

Sister Institution Obligations; Contribute all kinds of maintenance, repair, equipment, and learning needs of students. Support to educational technology. Provide cash and material assistance to successful students who are in financial difficulties. Support to any event.

URL:  HIZIROĞLU Elementary School

Social Responsibility Projects
Hızıroğlu Policlinic

Pursaklar – Ankara

In 1999 Selnikel plant is located in Pursaklar district, Our founder Mr.Faik Hızıroğlu realised that there was a lack of health care provider, and contacted with the regional municipality for the beginning of the construction of Hızıroğlu Policlinic. After that a full fledged clinic was donated to Pursaklar municipality.

Hızıroğlu policlinic building's architecture was designed with a specific design as an "H" shape at the bird's eye view and constructed in the same way.

URL:  Pursaklar Municipality