Our Vision

We remain to be the best solution provider for the investors and project managers of big organized zones, campuses and plants in energy field. We provide our customers consultancy services, help them to find optimal solutions and manufacture those solutions for them.

Our quality, the priority of our customers’ expectations, our positive attitude to our competitors, being respectful to the environment and manufacturing in good coordination with our employees are our key principles since our foundation for which we make no compromises. We are determined to follow the steps of our founder on the issues of finding new developments related to our field of activity and apply the most appropriate ones into practice.

The users of our products are our friends. We consider it our duty to be next to them in every stage after sales, e.g. in supplying them information, in servicing them for their maintenance and repair needs and in providing them training on the job. Selnikel with her fast growth, fills in a big void in production and contributes to the country and economy with her understanding of business ethics and keenness to quality awareness and to new technologies. We still contribute big to educational institutes and other social responsibility projects.

Our Mission

To be pioneer in the sectors of energy, heating and air techniques, to improve continuously the products and services are amongst our primary objectives.

We develop products and services in order to ensure energy, heating, and air techniques efficiency and effectiveness in commercial organizations.

In all products that we offer, we deem the increase of total efficiency as our essential duty.

For a sustainable growth and development we are very well aware of that human resources are very important hence investing in human capital is one of our main duties.

Improving our corporate structure as a modern business entity, managing our financial resources in the most effective way, and evolving the management structure with modern methods are our milestones on our way to be the biggest and pioneer company in the field