The company was founded in 1955 as a collective company in a small shop with her SEL brand.

Later the company prospered fast but well balanced over principled growth targets and was renamed as Selnikel after her close collaboration with Heinrich Nickel company in 1958.

In 1961, with the patents and licenses of Heinrich Nickel, "Air-conditioning Equipments" were manufactured first time in Turkey.

In 1964 she was the first company to manufacture flame/smoke tube systems which were considered to be "High Pressure Steam and Superheated Water Boilers" used by Industrial plants and high capacity heating systems in cooperation with German “FRÖLING” company.

And in 1967 she was again the first company to manufacture water tube systems in cooperation with German SCHMIDT SHG-SCHMIDT SCHE HEISSDAMPF GmbH company whose founder Mr. Schmidt was the inventor of superheated steam.

In 1976 , our company achieved the manufacturing of high pressure and large capacity industrial type centrifugal fans and exhausters for air, gas, flue gas and all kinds of fluid substance with the technical assistance from well- known German BABCOCK GmbH company. Selnikel by making a new agreement with German FRÖLING GmbH company included a "New Type High Efficient Boiler" to her production portfolio which burns gas and diesel fuel, which was particularly more suitable for apartments.

In 1987 Selnikel carried out "Gas and Fuel Oil Burner" through the technical cooperation with the rotary burner inventor Mr. Ray who is the founder of RAY OL und GASBRENNER GmbH company.

In 1999, Selnikel has become the exclusive distributor and technology center of British "Autoflame Eng.Ltd" company which is specialist on the design and production of “Electronic Combustion Management and Burner Control Systems”. Autoflame products which can be applied to all kinds of burners and also have significant contribution to the fuel efficiency, are used in many facilities successfully.

In 2012 Selnikel started "Fluidized Bed Coal Fired/Steam Boiler's" production with the technical cooperation of German ERK company in order to produce Auxiliary Boiler which will be needed in the energy production field.

We finished our new facility with 24.000 m2 closed area in Ankara Temelli II Organized zone by 2015 March, which is the biggest facility in her field in Turkey and be our source of pride.