Fluidized Bed (Saturated / Super-Heated Steam) Coal Fired Boilers


Using the boiler and bed design ”know-how” of German Eckrohrkessel GmbH company we produce bubbling type fluidized bed coal boilers together with all ancillary facilities which burn low calorific value lignite coals most economically and in accordance with environmental regulations.

These boilers are produced according to EN12952 standard up to 80 bar and 60t/h capacity range, as a single or multi compartment with 50% modulation in each compartment. These boilers engage regimes quickly due to its design with low water volume and they are more resistant to thermal stress.

Bubbling type fluidized bed coal fired boilers are able to burn lignite coal which has low heat value, sulphur, and high ash content in the most efficient way and ensure emissions values that are announced by the Ministry of Environment.

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Energy, Chemical, Rubber, Textile, Food and Other sectors which need to saturated and super-heated steam.


FBC boilers are manufactured in our factory located in Ankara, in accordance with the requirements of the design codes and standards by making strict quality control at each production stage. The manufacturing is performed under the supervision of the 3rd party control agencies depending on request of customers or if ASME "S" stamp or CE marking is required.

Membrane panel wall pipe welding and bending processes are carried out in the automatic panel welding and bending machine.


Under German Eckrohrkessel GmbH license Selnikel designs and manufactures corner tube type fluidized bed coal boilers which have a specific design that downcomer and riser tubes work as boiler supporting elements that provide distinct advantages and differences.

  • Coal is fed into the boiler by “spreader stoker”. In this way coal particules are spread evenly to every point of the boiler bed which provides efficient combustion.
  • During the start-up of the boiler, the amount of fuel used in the burner are quite less.
  • Selnikel new generation boilers are smaller than the other designs with the same capacity, due to combustion system differences leading to , lower construction costs.
  • The economizer is located before the cyclone in the Selnikel new generation fluidized bed coal boiler system so as to increase.the heat recovery and the system efficiency as a result of high temperature gas flow into the economizer.
  • Evaporator is water tube-type; efficiency is high.
  • Primary air fan motor power is lower as compared to other designs because of its design features. That is why electrical energy is saved.
  • Soot blowers are installed in the evaporator and economizer to clean ashes accumulated on pipes. In this way reduction in heat transfer due to fouling effect is minimized.
Pressure: 80 bar’a kadar
Capacity: 60 ton/h’ e kadar
Hot Steam Temperature: 450°C’ye kadar
Fuel Type: Kömür ve Bio-Kütle
Boiler Type: Doğal sirkülasyonlu akışkan yataklı su borulu kazanlar, talebe göre kızdırıcı ve ekonomizerli, paket veya yerinde montajlı olarak üretilmektedir.