Centrifugal Fan

Single and Double Suction

  • Flow Rate: 100 – 1.000.000 m3/h
  • Pressure: 0 – 30.000 Pa
  • Gas temperature: -30, +500°C
  • Electric motor power: 1,1 – 5.000 kW

manufactured up to these capacities.

Fans, according to area of use:

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Fan Request Form

Choosing the most suitable fan for your needs is done by Selnikel' expert engineers according to the system and process in which the fan will be functioning and other special factors depending on your needs.

While requesting fan offers from Selnikel, air flow. static pressure, plant gas temperature, plant gas type, dust load and type, region altitude, driven type, damper position and damper engine preference information are necessary.


Cement, steel, glass, wood, power plants, gypsum, mineral, textile, glass wool, food and environment (De-dusting), Chemistry (Paint) , Drying owens, waste incineraiton plants, Agriculture, automative, heating systems (combustion air and fume extraction)


  • Generating Rotor Projects from Current Fans (Selnikel or other) for Identical Manufacturing
  • Capacity and Efficiency Measurement and Analysis of Current Fans (Selnikel or other)
  • Improvement of Capacity and Efficiency of Current Fans (Selnikel or other)
  • Assembly Control of Fans and Supervision of Commissioning for Selnikel Orders
  • Rotor and Shaft Repair
  • Fault Detection and Services
Flow: 100 – 1.000.000 m3/h
Pressure: 0 – 30.000 Pa
Gas Temperature: -30, +500°C
Motor Power: 1,1 – 5.000 kW