About Us

With its production in international norms, expertise and outstanding engineering services, Selnikel has an unrivalled position in heating and air-conditioning sector.

It's not a coincidence that Selnikel manufactures Turkey’s highest capacity boilers, fans and burners, etc. or that Selnikel being pioneer in such productions and that being rigorous in using advanced technologies.

Our founder Mr. Faik HIZIROGLU was not satisfied with only establishing our company on sound footing. With his vision which was the source of today’s success, he was the one who set universal principals and became the guardian of them.

Quality, continuous improvement, training on the job and reaching the highest standards in expertise and putting this expertise in use are Selnikel’s indispensable principals from past to present.

With this identity, Selnikel has managed to win the trust of leading German manufacturers. These manufacturers, whom are the experts as well as the pioneers in their fields, have chosen Selnikel as a partner and have considered her as a peer after extensive investigations.

These corporations, with license agreements, joint production, know-how transfer, patent and training agreements, etc. are continuing collaboration with Selnikel faithfully for over half a century.

Our company operates in line with international norms and standards and the outstanding quality of her products and services have been globally recognized in many prestigious quality certificates by quality control organizations such as ASME S and U, CE, ISO, TUV, TSE, Lloyd, etc..