Selnikel, Manufacturer of Industrial Boiler, Industrial Burner, Industrial Fan

Water Tube Boilers

Our high pressure and high capacity water tube boilers are used in industrial processes. They are produced in accordance with EN 12952, ASME Section-I or depending on customers demands. (view)

Fire Tube Boilers

Designed and manufactured in accordance with Turkish and European standards and Pressure Equipment Directives, our three pas boilers are CE marked and run by natural gas/liquid fuel.

Heating Plant Auxiliary Equipment

Economizers, Deaerator systems, Feed water and condensate tanks, Headers, Oil filtering pumping heating units, Pressure expansion tanks, Waste heat recuperators etc. (view)

Fluidized Bed Coal and Biomass Boilers

The fluidized bed combustion technology introduced by Selnikel in cooperation with EckRohrKessel GmbH - Germany is a perfect system for burning low calorific value coals in an economical and environment friendly way.

Industrial Fans

We offer reliable solutions in system technologies with our high efficiency industrial fans, which are manufactured with advanced technology and in accordance with the industrial norms and standards. (view)

Industrial Burners and Autoflame Combustion Systems

We have been manufacturing industrial burners since 1985 with German, Roy Company License. So far at home and abroad there are 1.300 burners running that can burn any kind of fuel e.g. Liquid fuel, natural gas and mixture of natural gas/liquid fuel combinations. (view)

Selnikel provides precise solutions for energy, heat and air technologies

Selnikel with its renewed dynamic structure and new facility in ASO II Organized Industrial Zone with a closed area of 24.000 m², is the leading industrial brand of Turkey who manages to run 3 stages succesfully - planning, manufacturing, commissioning, altogether.

Industrial Heat Systems

We aim to be the best in our high technology energy and heating systems, especially in industrial boiler systems. Our productions are made in international norms and standards. Click for information on Water Tube Boilers, Fire Tube Boilers, Fluidized Bed Coal and Biomass Boilers and other heat systems.

Industrial Burners

Click for detailed information on our industrial burner production (Rotary (Gas/Liquid Fuel Combined) Burner, Gas Burner which is able to burn all kind of various sizes technical fuels such as natural gas, biogas, LNG, CNG, LPG, Rotary (Liquid Fuel) Burner which is able to burn all kind of various sizes technical fuels between 250 kW and 30.000 kW. )

Industrial Fans

Various technical capacity and special radial fan, axial fan, fan auxiliary equipment and accessories (Louvre type air volume damper, Dralle Regler type air volume damper, Butterfly type air volume damper, Cylindirical type silencer, Prismatic type silencer etc.) are produced in international norms and standards. Click for detailed information about our industrial fan applications.

Selnikel A.Ş. hakkında

About Selnikel

Selnikel Inc. is a manufacturer company operating in the fields of energy, heat and air technology. It manufactures power plants, industrial boilers, industrial fans and industrial burners in the most prestigious projects in Türkiye and many countries.

Quality, continuous improvement, training on the job and reaching the highest standards in expertise and putting this expertise in use are Selnikel's indispensable principals from past to present.

With this identity, Selnikel has managed to win the trust of leading German manufacturers. These manufacturers, whom are the experts as well as the pioneers in their fields, have chosen Selnikel as a partner and have considered her as a peer after extensive investigations.

These corporations, with license agreements, joint production, know-how transfer, patent and training agreements, etc. are continuing collaboration with Selnikel faithfully for over half a century.

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Selnikel tarihçe


The company was founded in 1955 as a collective company in a small shop with her SEL brand.

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Kalite politikamız

Quality policy

Increase customer satisfaction. Quality Management Systems and certifications and standards for our products

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Our projects

Click to view our completed and currently continuing projects at domestic and overseas

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